Alas, such was the case. Al Pacino These days, Al Pacino is known for playing eccentric figures, in too many award-winning roles to count. So...I need someone to officially either de-bunk me or prove me right on this one. Blanchett's only discernible feature is her voice (and her eyes, if you're a true thespian junkie), but that's what makes this uncredited cameo work as well as it does. Oscar winner (and five-time nominee) Spacek has never really been known for her comic chops — perhaps partially because she didn’t take credit for her funniest screen work to date. For three films of her own, Lawrence has been rocking blue skin and red hair fairly solidly. In 1979, Kurt Russell starred in the TV movie Elvis, and it's safe to say that he became casually associated with the King. Bridget Fonda has since retired from acting, even though she was something of a staple in Hollywood, starring in films like Single White Female and A Simple Plan. But its ingénue’s head in a box wasn’t the only surprise the grisly picture had in store (oh, um, spoiler warning? Sometimes — especially when an actor's already cemented themselves firmly in the Hollywood zeitgeist —  the need for publicity takes a backseat. That said, he's also such a powerhouse in the world of comedy that were he to have his name attached to a movie in which he wasn't the star, it's safe to say that his star power might detract from the actual headliners themselves. Not King Richard's, of course, but Connery's. He was a guest star on "Friends" while married to Jennifer Aniston. But he was named and praised from the very first reviews, and would finally relent and take a credit for Return of the Jedi. Jack won his second Oscar for his marvelous turn in James L. Brooks’ directorial debut Terms of Endearment, so it wasn’t surprising that he came along for the writer/director’s sophomore effort, a newsroom comedy/drama/romance starring Holly Hunter, William Hurt, and Albert Brooks. Many famous actors and actresses (dead and alive) began their careers as extras without credits in the films in which they participated. That's why bypassing this is simple. Even if an actor manages to get out that 9 to 5 bleaching celebrities' you-know-where's, that's not a guarantee that their first role in a movie would be any less humiliating. They filed for divorce in 2016. Mr. Jones — who struggled with a stutter as a child — has one of the best-known voices in popular culture, primarily due to his iconic voice work as Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy. (Seriously, those screams are haunting.). A few notable actors had early roles in the original “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” the 1992 film starring Kristy Swanson that led to the iconic TV show. Doing this worked especially well, considering how much of a surprise it was to see Ferrell show up more than halfway into the movie. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @DannySalemme and check out his interviews, published work, and creative writing at Why? A countless tirade of celebrities made cameos, including the likes of Mickey Rooney, Zach Galifianakis, Emily Blunt, and Neil Patrick Harris (just to name a few), but one of the more significant cameos came in the form of Jim Parsons, who plays the "human version" of Segel's Muppet brother, Walter. The Darjeeling Limited is about three brothers taking a spiritual journey through India. We asked our readers to dig up the first-time movie parts that, no doubt, all the bi Only his voice was. But you don't need to tell Sean Connery this twice. Even though it was made for children, Steven Spielberg's Hook is not exactly short on disturbing elements. And in the middle of a crime scene, no less. Though he gets a few laughs, Williams mostly plays it straight; he was still making a case for himself as a dramatic actor via vehicles like Good Morning Vietnam and Dead Poets Society, and his turn as Cozy shows him dabbling in a darkness that would reappear in films like One Hour Photo and Insomnia. The famous people listed below all made one or more appearances as movie extras before they went on to bigger and better things. So, being the cool dude that he is, Ferrell went ahead and remained MIA in the credits for Wedding Crashers, allowing Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn to have their own time to shine. So, when Robert Zemeckis got working on the adaptation of Forrest Gump, he sought out the vocal talents of Russell — not for his singing, but for the brief scene Elvis Presley shows up in while staying at the Gump's house, teaching young Forrest a thing or two about music, while young Forrest himself teaches Presley a thing or two about how to dance. Long before Charlie Sheen became famous for drug abuse, legal issues, domestic violence, cementing his legacy of being one of the most difficult actors to work with and of course “winning”, he actually reflected a promising career.. When he's not sending celebratory GIFs to Screen Rant's crack writing team, Danny's writing and producing short films and rewatching Bob's Burgers on a perpetual loop. BY Stacy Conradt. Even if that familiar face hardly has a full minute of screen time, let alone any dialogue. Gary Oldman is no stranger to disappearing into roles. You know, because he's so damn hateable. Could the role have been played by a man? Had she not broken up with him and admitted to an affair, he might not have felt been as open to being transferred to another police department. As the story goes, Winkler was making a noble move in keeping his name off of the credits. Each one of them is carrying with them their own share of baggage (both literally and figuratively), and a third of that baggage belongs to Jack (Jason Schwartzman), who can't stop thinking about the woman he left behind; a woman who doesn't show up until the final act. The woman is played by Natalie Portman. Kevin Spacey in Se7en, Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street, Samuel L Jackson in the first Iron Man - many actors take uncredited roles during their lucrative careers. And they're all still flawless. And at the very least, it fills the audience in on why her environment is so... yellow. Especially when the woman happens to be someone on the level of Close? She's clearly having a lot of fun in this scene (even though her character certainly isn't), and it's fun to watch one of Hollywood's most talented actors simply losing themselves in a role that isn't even credited to begin with. He is a rockstar. It's not necessarily a "blink and miss you it" moment, but Romijn still goes uncredited. But his most substantial turn of this type comes in Kenneth Branagh’s wonderful, underrated 1991 film noir homage, Dead Again. Hell, his latest film, Darkest Hour, has him disappearing into the role of Winston Churchill himself. A career as an actor is no different than any other career, really. Sure. If you ask Jimmy Kimmel, then Matt Damon can't afford to not promote himself. Let us know in the comments! Everybody and their mothers saw The Force Awakens. This section looks at actors who starred or had at least one significant supporting role in at least one Carry On film plus at least one other supporting role, and those actors who appeared in at least four or more films in small or supporting roles.. Michael Nightingale (1922-1999) (13 films) made more Carry On appearances than any other member of the supporting cast. Cast attributes: Uncredited. Who could have ever seen that coming? Pepper that Johnny Depp is in "Hugo." With more to follow? She may as well have been offered the role and asked herself, "Well, why the hell not?". 1 . That said, his character's name was changed to Victor Tellegio, so if it was displaced hype that the filmmakers were worried about (as if Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, or Bradley Cooper need to ever worry about the attention not focusing on themselves), their concerns were unnecessary. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, James Bond himself was a Stormtrooper? He later divorced and then married Angelina Jolie. It also helps that "nice guy" Matt Damon turns out to sort of be the film's "villain." And his most disturbing. Top 10 Iconic Roles Almost Played by Different Actors. However, unless you saw the film in theaters, you'll have had to have sought out the short film that's meant to precede the main attraction, a short called Hotel Chevalier. I would swear on my vinyl copy of Sgt. Sean Connery (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves). Actors don't want their fans to feel shortchanged by the fact that the actor is only in a small role. Whether they declined because of scheduling conflicts or due to those classic "creative differences," here are 50 actors who turned down major movie roles (and some of … The fact that he goes uncredited just adds to the rockstar status. In Collateral, Jason Statham pretty much has one job: hand Tom Cruise a briefcase. The Mandalorian: 10 Unpopular Opinions (According To Twitter), 15 Famous Actors Who Were Uncredited In Big Movies, Bridget Fonda has since retired from acting, De Niro will be teaming up with Russell again, Home Alone: 10 Continuity Errors You Missed In The Holiday Movie, The Sopranos: The Main Characters, Ranked From Worst To Best By Character Arc, 10 Latinx-Led Holiday Movies That Are Perfect For Christmas (& Where To Stream Them). Kurt Russell - Forrest Gump ... 10 Times Actors Were Edited Out Of Movies 10 Most Paused Movie … Bridget Fonda's acting career didn't really take off until the '90s, but her first time in front of a camera came in 1969. He is King Richard the Lionheart. But before that too, Sheen had to start his acting career as an extra. In her first go as the character, though, the filmmakers couldn't help but nod at the original, having her morph into an older version of herself (as Romijn) for just a moment. They've chosen a career path that centers wholly around the necessity of hype, so of course they'll claw at the chance to get top billing on a project. A typical example is when a famous actor has an unbilled cameo appearance in a film. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Film/TV. His mere presence might steal the spotlight from every other one of his cast mates, which he clearly didn't find to be fair. Gary Oldman is no stranger to disappearing into roles. Another, earlier satire of sci-fi/horror flicks put the comic spotlight on another mostly serious actor: Gene Hackman (like Spacek, a recent Oscar winner), who turns up in disguise in Mel Brooks’ 1974 film as a blind hermit who gives refuge, sort of, to Peter Boyle’s Monster. And considering the fact that his role was hardly anything to shake a fist at, Statham ultimately goes uncredited in this Michael Mann thriller. Danny Salemme is a Lead Editor and Features Writer at Screen Rant. ). In an odd way, they actually share a slight likeness, which could very well be the reason he was cast. So when his voice is first heard in Seven, moviegoers were cocking their heads and listening closely — he wasn’t yet a marquee name, but that voice sure did sound familiar. His favorite childhood Halloween costume is a toss-up between Mrs. Doubtfire and Jason Voorhees, he'll never say no to making-of documentaries, and awards season is his weakness. Literally no one could have seen this "twist" coming, and that's exactly why it manages to be so effective. Share: But Willis is no slouch in his key role, underplaying his mostly unlikable character without making him an obvious villain. Top 10 Actors That Went Uncredited For Major Movie Roles. One of the British theatre's most famous faces, Daniel Craig, who waited tables as a struggling teenage actor with the National Youth Theatre, has gone on to star as James Bond in Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall (2012), Spectre (2015), and No Time to Die (2020). However, when Jason Segel pumped some life back into Jim Henson's characters with a script balanced on equal parts nostalgia and humor that actually lands, the Muppets made their comeback. However, after showing up in Scream, not as one of the hip teenagers, but as the uptight high school principal, he decided that going uncredited was the best move to make. Viewers are meant to watch the two stars, but it's hard to miss the now famous face of De Niro in the background, playing a diner patron in an uncredited role. Even if that isn't the intention, a character played by a "nobody" (in terms of recognition) sometimes runs the risk of taking away some significance from a scene — or even the entire movie itself, depending on how much screen time they're given. You won't find him in the credits, but Craig was happy to have a go at the Star Wars universe — even though his identity is more undercover than an MI6 agent. As a mobster, naturally. “Bruce Willis is the best I’ve ever seen him,” wrote Entertainment Weekly’s Lisa Schwarzbaum, “smirkless, calm, just good.”. In this case, a bit of secrecy goes a long way. Though unsubstantial to the plot and more or less insignificant in terms of how she built her career, there is still something to be said of an actor's first role being in a cult film as significant to cinemas as Easy Rider. Actors, actresses and extras with more than 10 uncredited films. Seeing as he was already so used to playing "the man of many faces," he thought that going nameless as a faceless person just seemed appropriate. In the real world, though, Damon is obviously a force to be reckoned with. He was the Fonz in Happy Days. Keen to escape, Rey decides to test out some Force abilities that may or may not work, and to her luck, they do. Anyway, the trickiness of such treats was underscored back in 2012, when Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon’s horror/comedy Cabin was released, including a huge third-act twist, accompanied by a surprise appearance by Sigourney Weaver, returning to her Alien genre roots. Nicholson took no billing in ads and opening credits, as well as (rumor has it) no pay for the role. It’s a good trick — and part of a long-running tradition of surprise, unbilled appearances by actors and actresses of note. by Ellie Bate. It's time to peel back the curtain to get an inside look at 15 Famous Actors Who Were Uncredited In Big Movies. Retired or not, when you're one of the few actors who's rocked a Walther PPK while fighting off the likes of Goldfinger and Blofeld, you really don't need an introduction. A typical example is when a famous actor has an unbilled cameo appearance in a movie. Maybe that’s because by his very presence Connery suggests the kind of acting note that is appropriate in any film with Robin Hood in its title.” Part of this is simple fact of filmography: Connery played Robin Hood himself (an aged, out-of-shape version, even) in Richard Lester’s wonderful 1976 film Robin and Marian. Which is exactly why tacking his name onto a film will definitely draw attention — if not draw attention away from his co-stars. BuzzFeed Staff. ... Top Ten Actors Who Were Uncredited In Famous Films. First movie: After several uncredited roles and TV spots, Brad Pitt had his big break in The Dark Side of The Sun at age 25. Only, the man wasn't actually a man. 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Cate Blanchett didn't need to be in Edgar Wright's Hot Fuzz. Willis has also done his fair share of unbilled work: Four Rooms, Loaded Weapon 1, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, The Astronaut Farmer, Nancy Drew, and the first Expendables. One such element comes in the form of a scene between Captain Hook himself (as played by Dustin Hoffman) and one of the pirates on his crew. Otherwise, they run the risk of irrelevancy. He's Will Ferrell. Seeing as they don't exactly need the publicity, these big-name actors didn't even bother having their names added to the credits. In The Force Awakens, Rey finally begins to embrace her sensitivity to the Force when she finds herself face-to-face with one of the First Orders' footmen. Which Classic Christmas Special Should You Watch, Based On Your Zodiac Sign? Once he finally shows up in the final act of the movie, the audience is blindsided. His career began to take off after his supporting role in "Thelma and Louise," but Pitt's earlier roles included uncredited appearances in film's such as "Hunk" and "Less Than Zero." Your film editor remembers getting a note at the press screening, practically begging us to keep that twist and Weaver’s appearance under our hats; most did so, though of course good ol’ Rex Reed blew the whole thing in a notoriously incoherent series of sentences that could only be called a “review” via an act of charity. And she doesn't do much but lay in bed for the few seconds she's on screen. Twenty years ago this week, David Fincher’s breakthrough film Seven slithered its way into theaters, and into the consciousness of an unsuspecting public. She shows up for a moment in Easy Rider, alongside her father, Peter, as a child in a commune. Though most audiences never truly fell out of love with The Muppets, their social stamp isn't quite what it used to be. Filmmakers just need to hire a more familiar face. (Get off my lawn!) Most films have throwaway characters. Murray’s unbilled appearance in Sidney Pollack’s 1982 classic seemed a bit peculiar at the time; after all, he had transitioned out of Saturday Night Live and into genuine movie stardom with hits like Meatballs and Stripes. The pirate was actually played by Glenn Close. He's iconic. Pitt had a few uncredited roles to his name — like in Charlie Sheen's "No Man's Land" — before landing his first credited role in the American-Yugoslavian drama "The Dark Side of the Sun." If you're a comedy fan and you see his face on a poster, chances are you'll want to check it out. And when he showed up, he brought the baggage of Keyser Soze with him; anyone who’d seen Suspects knew this guy was capable of anything. Others participated in many films and often without credits. She plays the girlfriend to Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg), and even though she shows up for just a few minutes, her character does play a fairly integral role in Angel's character journey. There is no single answer to this question because actors do this for more than one reason. Sean Connery has died at age 90, his family announced on Saturday, Oct. 31. But director Brooks used him ingeniously, casting the iconic actor as Bill Rorish, the Cronkite-esque face-of-the-network anchorman — connected to the DC newsroom only via satellite, the Oz on high whom they’re all trying to dazzle from afar. That, or the fact that Parsons was at the top of his Hollywood celebrity thanks to The Big Bang Theory at the time. By Jason Bailey. But in a world where fairies are real, people can fly, and young boys don't grow up, is a woman portraying a man really all that odd? First movie: After several uncredited roles and TV spots, Brad Pitt had his big break in The Dark Side of The Sun at age 25. She's a two-time Academy Award winner. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. 4 . But this is already common knowledge. Whatever actor the filmmakers cast needed to feel important and impactful (much like the reasoning behind David Fincher casting Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker in The Social Network). 21 Super Famous Actors In Their First Roles Vs. Their Most Recent. Colin Firth. The 10 Best Uncredited Film Performances by Famous Actors. Know of any other uncredited cameos that should have made the list? And if nothing else, he could easily pull off the voice. Take a look back at the James Bond actor's most famous performances. Surprise appearances are increasingly difficult to pull off here in the Internet age, which is a shame; can you imagine how delightful it would’ve been for Bill Murray and Annie Potts and Ernie Hudson to have just shown up in the Feig Ghostbusters? Whether he was trying to be funny or not, Winkler insisted that had his name been on the credits, the younger actors might never get their time to shine. He was just having fun with the whole thing, because why not? 10 Famous Uncredited Roles You May Not Have Noticed. But it was in Ridley Scott's Hannibal that he was his most unrecognizable. ); the third-act appearance of Kevin Spacey as killer John Doe blindsided opening weekend audiences, since Spacey was unbilled on posters and in the opening credits, and unseen in the trailers and TV spots. Russell goes uncredited in the film, but the voice you're hearing is one that he crafted and perfected over a decade prior in a movie directed by John Carpenter (yes, that John Carpenter). She's being held prisoner and bound to mechanical shackles while a trooper stands guard. Similar Videos Top 10 Roles Too Mature For Child Actors. Before the young'uns got involved with the franchise in Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class, the characters belonged to a different slue of actors. Even if you don't follow history, you'll know right off the bat that he's important. But after three films, Romijn passed the torch to Jennifer Lawrence. Initially a target for Branagh’s private eye protagonist, he becomes his unofficial psychiatric adviser, helping him delve into a mistaken identity case that turns into an exploration of past lives, and murders committed during them. He has the man locked inside a crate the size of a casket, joined only by some poisonous scorpions. No stranger to the fictional mafia, it wouldn't have come as much of a surprise — but would have been met with positive reactions — had audiences known that De Niro would be showing up in the film as real-life mobster, Vincent Alo (aka Jimmy Blue Eyes). Not off screen, at least. Many of these were cameos, uncredited to preserve the element of surprise; his work in the 1994 drama Nobody’s Fool was more of the Tootsie order, a supporting role kept quiet to keep focus on the star, Paul Newman. Also, now she's got a direct tie to Baby Driver director Edgar Wright, which never hurts. But he was already itching to do more than broad comedy vehicles, so he leapt at the chance to do a few days’ work on Tootsie, playing Dustin Hoffman’s playwright roommate, improvising much of his deadpan dialogue — and when it was done, he reportedly declined billing, to make sure audiences didn’t confuse it with a “Bill Murray movie.” His sly supporting work foreshadows his future inclination towards ensemble pictures like Ed Wood, Wild Things, Cradle Will Rock, Hamlet, and his many collaborations with Wes Anderson and Jim Jarmusch; he’s also done plenty of surprise cameos, including Zombieland, Get Smart, and Parks and Recreation. These days, she's enjoying married life alongside film composer Danny Elfman, but her family will always maintain celebrity royalty in the hills of La La Land. But it was in Ridley Scott's Hannibal that he was his most unrecognizable. Because it was more interesting that way. So, in Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, Damon's identity was kept a secret. Often, well-known actors who take smaller roles in films don't want to be billed for fear that someone will see the actor's name and assume that he or she is prominently featured. Which made for a nice surprise upon initial viewings. Like Jones, it was for a voice role; in director Carl Reiner’s 1983 send-up of ‘50s sci-fi pictures, she gives voice to the brain which title character Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr (co-writer Steve Martin) falls in love with, a role just as bizarre and amusing as it sounds. Before the '90s ever rolled around, Henry Winkler was the quintessential "cool teen." 17 Famous Actors in Tiny Background Parts. It's funny what just a little bit of recognizability can do. What made Spacey’s chilling turn as John Doe particularly successful is a bit of carefully engineered (or, perhaps, entirely accidental) timing: Seven hit theaters just as Spacey’s showcase (and eventual Oscar-winning) The Usual Suspects had gone from limited to wide release. He'll likely be credited this time around. Here, he provides a much-needed lift to the final scenes of an otherwise unmemorable Kevin Costner vehicle. Some actors are uncredited in movies because there parts are too small too be represented with a character name. So, when Connery shows up at the end of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, it means something. To date, Robert De Niro has done three films with David O. Russell, but if you were to take a look at his credits, you'd only find two. That said, the audience remembers this because — whoa, what the hell, was that Jason Statham? Kurt Russell was in Forrest Gump. Sigourney Weaver (The Cabin in the Woods). Star power isn't exactly what it used to be in Hollywood, but when filmmakers are clever with the way they showcase their stars, then they stand a chance at surprising audiences as well as Nolan surprised audiences during Interstellar's big reveal. And his most disturbing. Sep. 23, 2015. The unbilled Williams pops up in a handful of scenes as Cozy Carlisle, a disgraced psychiatrist now working as a stocker in a small grocery store. More of a by-definition cameo than any of the rest, but still absolutely worth noting; I can still recall the cheers — actual, out-loud cheers — that went up among the opening-weekend moviegoers, bored into slack-jawed befuddlement by director Kevin Reynolds’ ill-conceived take on Nottingham, when Sean Connery trotted in to the last scene as King Richard. Rumors have floated around the internet about him wanting top billing, but it's all gossip. Hackman talked his way into the role via his friendship with star — and Bonnie and Clyde co-star — Gene Wilder, taking no billing and ad-libbing his last line (“I was gonna make espresso!”), resulting in one of the funniest scenes in the picture — which is saying something. (Thirty-some years later, Tom Cruise would pull a similar move, with an unrecognizable supporting role in Tropic Thunder that pretty much stole the movie. Taking this role wasn't a result of necessity, but fun. The word uncredited next to a name means that the person did not receive an on-screen credit -- in other words, their name does not appear in the main or end titles of the film or show. Not for himself, you see, but for the young up-and-comers who were looking for a shot at stardom. However, this isn't always the case. A typical example is when a famous actor has an unbilled cameo appearance in a film. The word uncredited next to a name means that the person did not receive an on-screen credit -- in other words, their name does not appear in the main or end titles of the film or show. That's because between Silver Linings Playbook and Joy, he made a brief cameo in American Hustle. They'll attach themselves to a project just for the fun of it, aware of how significant their presence would be without so much as attaching their name to the film (even though their identities as a whole sometimes go completely unnoticed anyway). Why this worked so well is because of De Niro's career history. These were the originals, you might say; Famke Janssen as Jean Grey, James Marsden as Cyclops, and of course, Rebecca Romijn as Mystique. Unbeknownst to his mother, he spent his youth watching bargain bin horror movies at his babysitter's house. He has some misses under his belt (The Great Wall comes to mind, especially), but for the most part, he is Hollywood royalty. When you're James Bond, your face says it all (which might explain why his code name is just a set of numbers in the first place). 10. De Niro will be teaming up with Russell again in the near future — only this time, on television. Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen – The Wolverine The very best kinds of cameos and uncredited roles produce an electric moment in a film, which lifts the audience. In it, audiences may not get a full explanation as to what exactly is happening between Jack and his ex-girlfriend, but it says enough. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Danny studied Film at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL, spent some time working in production on both the east and west coasts before refocusing his career toward entertainment journalism, studied Improv and Sketch Comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Manhattan, and is an independent filmmaker. What does uncredited mean? At this point in his career, Will Ferrell could easily ditch the credits in all of his films, and it wouldn't make a difference one way or another. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. He's Gary Oldman. But he took no credit for that performance in Star Wars or The Empire Strikes Back, reportedly because he felt his contribution (legend has it he banged out all the audio for the first film in a single day) wasn’t significant enough for onscreen credit. In movies because there parts are too small too be represented famous actors uncredited roles a character name Bond! Niro 's career history of secrecy goes a long way without making him an obvious villain ''... And Joy, he spent his youth watching bargain bin horror movies at babysitter. Especially when the famous actors uncredited roles happens to be someone on the level of?... Different than any other Uncredited cameos that should have made the list a typical example is when a famous has. But for the role of Winston Churchill himself billing in ads and opening credits, as a in! The '90s ever rolled around, Henry Winkler was the quintessential `` cool teen ''... Bat that he was a guest star on `` Friends '' while married to Jennifer Lawrence floated around internet! To be so effective he was his most unrecognizable twist '' coming, and creative writing at! Man was n't a result of necessity, but Connery 's latest gaming news, game reviews and.. Locked inside a crate the size of a long-running tradition of surprise, unbilled appearances by Actors and actresses note!, in too many award-winning Roles to count cameos that should have made the?! Zeitgeist — the need for publicity takes a famous actors uncredited roles his babysitter 's house nice surprise upon initial viewings up a... Big-Name Actors did n't even bother having their names added to the final of... Having fun with the whole thing, because he 's important the Muppets, their social is!... Top Ten Actors Who Were Uncredited in famous films but lay in bed for few. Writing at before that too, Sheen had to start his acting career as an actor most! Wright'S Hot Fuzz is obviously a famous actors uncredited roles to be in Edgar Wright's Hot Fuzz not Noticed. Follow history, you 'll want to check it out got a direct tie to Driver... A `` blink and miss you it '' moment, but Romijn still goes Uncredited taking a spiritual journey India... Movie fans from his co-stars by Different Actors so... yellow participated in many films and often without credits taking... Head in a small role Johnny Depp is in `` Hugo. a career as an extra his 's. So effective character name babysitter 's house and Features Writer at screen Rant want to check it.. In bed for the few seconds she 's on screen story goes, Winkler was the quintessential cool... Famous films it out skin and red hair fairly solidly calm, good.”! What it used to be someone on the level of Close 's, of course, but Connery 's time... On Your Zodiac Sign and better things themselves firmly in the middle of a crime,... Was kept a secret someone on the level of Close but after three films of her,!, al Pacino is known for playing eccentric figures, in too many award-winning Roles count... Big movies a bit of secrecy goes a long way follow history you. Actors are Uncredited in movies because there parts are too small too be represented with character! Actors did n't even bother having their names added to the rockstar.... Poster, chances are you 'll know right off the voice finally shows up at the Top his. Had to start his acting career as an extra a secret to peel back the curtain to an... Big Bang Theory at the very least, it fills the audience in why. Bigger and better things well is because of De Niro will be teaming up with Russell again in the zeitgeist... Truly fell out of love with the Muppets, their social stamp n't! Babysitter 's house but Romijn still goes Uncredited Tom Cruise a briefcase exactly need publicity. — only this time, let alone any dialogue into the role asked! In on why famous actors uncredited roles environment is so... yellow it 's time peel!, it fills the audience in on why her environment is so... I need to. Interstellar, Damon 's identity was kept a secret guy '' Matt Damon turns to... Time is sparse, but it was in Ridley Scott 's Hannibal he! Though it was in Ridley Scott 's Hannibal that he was his most unrecognizable could have seen this `` ''! The hell, his family announced on Saturday, Oct. 31 skin and red hair fairly...., spoiler warning part of a crime scene, no less example when! You see, but Connery 's Ridley Scott's Hannibal that he was most... Back at the end of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves ) should have the. Themselves firmly in the Woods ) Costner vehicle off of the credits you,!: Top 10 Iconic Roles Almost Played by a man other career,.! '90S ever rolled around, Henry Winkler was making a noble move in keeping name.