Just curious; Are apartment views real time? If you have issues walking, strafe left or right and then move forward (this happens when walking on carpets or through doors). X. 5. By TheVinch. A really good view for the price. Frank Brown, MrVill. From GTA Network Wiki. 14 upvotes, 13 comments. 4. April 2015; blaxxz Lieutenant. Press J to jump to the feed. I'll make the case for the place I chose because I spent a lot of time researching the different apartments and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I already have seen Del Perro and I don't like the view. Ammu-Nation 11. The view point is nothing special as it mimics the view found at the $400,000 apartments. More mods by MrVill: Bâtiment; Map Editor; Menyoo; 4.92 11 664 126 Beach Hi Teck Villa |Menyoo| |Map Editor| 1.2. Ok, since the High Life update came out, I'm saving up for a second apartment. Warenhäusern), Büroetagen… Use the progress tracker to get 100%! The garage is attached to a kind of private parking lot with a ramp, where other cars often spawn that you can pull right in. In Grand Theft Auto Online gibt es mehrere käuflicheImmobilien. I've found it's also much easier to get away from the cops here than at my old apartment. The $400,000 apartment has a view facing north, looking at the mountains. The windows look to the North and West, while I believe Apt 35 looks to the North and East. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Also a nice location: nearby clothing store, barber, convenience store, and LSC a short 20 second drive away. The secluded garage door down a ramp usually gets you out of the cop's line of sight long enough to pull in the garage, and the covered roads/parking garage nearby allow you to hide you from helicopters. Je nach Größe des Hauses oder des Apartments variiert auch die Größe der zugehörigen Garage. The view has to be nice. Bought the 400k apartment. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules. I want to know whether I can purchase a bank next to a nice apartment. Pretty cool. Fast Cash 29. I had one that had absolutely NO view out ANY of the windows. … Darts 1. An exploit known as the apartment garage glitch allowed GTA Online players to amass millions of dollars in minutes — or at least, it did until Rockstar patched it … © GTANet.com 2001-2020. Automotive Shop 5. 25. Nothing like swinging into my garage while 3 idiots try to hunt me down, and then watching them sit around from my window 10 stories up until they finally get bored and leave. Any way you can post a pic? I see a lot of folks are as conflicted as I was when purchasing my big apartment. Never miss a GTA V news again! There are only 3 different interiors. Okt GTA 5… You may enter the cockpit using super jump. MrVill. Right now I've got a lock up outside the airport. They can only be purchased after the player has reached Rank 5. I am only half a mile from the Ammu-Nation, and half a mile from Los Santos Customs with a stump jump along the way. I agree the Eclipse apartment probably has the best view but I went for Del Perro apartment 20 because I like to be a bit closer to the beach and it seems both more central and also close to freeways. If I look out of the 391k apartment window for example, can I see other players flying/driving/running around like in the trailer? GTA 5 Cheats Map Model Ramps Racetrack Interior Building Road Scene Map Editor Simple Trainer Menyoo Community Races Seit: Anfang an Gestern Letzter Woche Letzem Monat Anfang an Sortieren nach: Neueste Versionen Neueste Versionen Zuletzt hochgeladen Mods mit den meisten Likes Anzahl der Downloads Bewertung Racetrack; 4.5 166 8 Adam LZ Drift.