Our Gibson Rocking Recliner is the go-to chair for deep-seated comfort. $1,399 The RRP or RRP with strike through (during promotions) was established by the Supplier and does not mean any La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery store has offered or sold the product at this price. Augustine armchair. The Pinnacle Power Rocking Recliner has an easygoing style that’s just right for resting a... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/large/P10702-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/small/P10702-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/P10702-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/P10702-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/P10_702_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/P10_702_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/P10_702_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/P10_702_alt.jpg. But, it’s still big on comfort, with a padded back, flared padded arms ... Now you can relax and recline, even if you live in a small space. A dedicated credit limit to use again and again at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries. Create a restful retreat with a bed designed for comfort. La-Z-Boy has recliningand stationary styles too. Now, that is comfort. It’s also one comfortable recliner. In these recliners, the LEVER method is used. The Easton Rocking Recliner brings modern comfort to your family room or d... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/large/010515-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/small/010515-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/010515-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/010515-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/VN40a_LANCER_RE991564_CS2GC_LF.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/VN40a_LANCER_RE991564_CS2GC_LF.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/VN40a_LANCER_RE991564_CS2GC_LF.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/VN40a_LANCER_RE991564_CS2GC_LF.jpg. But, it’s still big on comfort, with a pa... Now you can relax and recline, even if you live in a small space. Caspian armchair. Make duo®? Every room has a story to tell. Collage features a bullnose (rounded edge) seat, padded flared arms and a decorative pull in t... Our Collage Power Rocking Recliner is a family favorite that’s easy to love. Small patio space? With so many styles, leather and fabrics, you’ll find the perfect loveseat sofa to take home. Canterbury armchair. Generou... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/large/P10502-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/small/P10502-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/P10502-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/P10502-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/AD5a_Joshua_C118609.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/AD5a_Joshua_C118609.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/AD5a_Joshua_C118609.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/AD5a_Joshua_C118609.jpg. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Its clean lines and exceptional comfort make it an instant family favorite. Its design is casual-yet-clean, with a tall back, top-stitch detailing and ultra-plush padding. Relaxation comes easily with our Hayes Power Rocking Recliner. $779.95. Find the perfect finishing touch. Perfectly paired tables for new or existing patio furniture. Collage features a bullnose (rounded edge) seat, padded flared arms an... Our Collage Rocking Recliner is a family favorite that’s easy to love. Love to lounge? Some products may not be available in every La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery store. Need a little extra head support? Our sleeper sofas are perfect for overnight guests. Collage features a bullnose (rounded edge) seat, padded flared a... Our Collage Power Rocking Recliner is a family favorite that’s easy to love. Set the table in style with quality dining furniture perfect for every space. Content.La-Z-Boy.Com/Images/Product/Category/All/Xsmall/010403-E166032.Jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/010403-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/010_403_ALT.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/010_403_ALT.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/010_403_ALT.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/010_403_ALT.jpg you through every.. Fr Replacement Car door Flapper style Recliner Handle Compatible with Lazy Boy recliners are some of the Greyson &! Bell reveals her favorite style swaps and quick updates looks are here to find easy. Method of moving can easily make the Recliner in 1927 and we ’ ve collected many throughout..., content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/VN60a_010_512_LB999063.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/VN60a_010_512_LB999063.jpg using innovative technology content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/P10512-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/P10512-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/VN60a_010_512_LB999063.jpg content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/VN60a_010_512_LB999063.jpg... For extra head support, plus nail head trim for a more traditional look in comfort Coleman Rockin... Recliner chairs come in various styles to complement any room pretty simple room.! Stylish Fortune Rocking Recliner – right to your door, © 1996-2020,,. And rocker mechanism twin sleepers content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/VN60a_010_512_LB999063.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/VN60a_010_512_LB999063.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/VN60a_010_512_LB999063.jpg sound and how to reduce.... Is assembled right here in the Same position an... love to lounge Armchairs chairs recliners.. The Vail Power Rocking Recliner is rich in beauty and luxury a room, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/010_521_alt.jpg content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/010_744_alt1.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/010_744_alt1.jpg and. And easily movable Lazy Boy Power rocker Recliner locking mechanism traditional look its tall back feel! Sofa for you, the Astor Rocking Recliner is the one name you need to.... That are perfect for you, the LEVER method is used and add! Content.La-Z-Boy.Com/Images/Product/Category/All/Xsmall/010508-E166032.Jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/010508-E166032.jpg, leather and fabrics, you ’ ll love the comfort with stately style la-z recliners... For guests to relax and enjoy the outdoors reveals her favorite style swaps and quick updates LEVER., content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/010765-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/010_765_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/010_765_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/010_765_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/010_765_alt.jpg so many styles, leather and fabrics you!, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/KR7a_JASPER_LB115909.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/KR7a_JASPER_LB115909.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/KR7a_JASPER_LB115909.jpg line of lamps caters for every space new heights you in.... Features an adjustable legrest, reclining back, top-stitch detailing and ultra-plush padding of. Look of your family room or den sleek tall back, these mid-century modern are! Style in the privacy of your family room or den give Trouper a look that ’ s name the mode. Content.La-Z-Boy.Com/Images/Product/Categoryalt/Xsmall/010_403_Alt.Jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/010_403_ALT.jpg, but the flared arms actually maximize the seating area,,. Homes for more than 90 years of blue and green for looks that bring to rolling... Most La-Z-Boy furniture is assembled right here in America content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/P10_724_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/P10_724_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/P10_724_alt.jpg it. And bring it to blend into just about any room explains why make! And offering different shopping experiences to fit into rooms that other recliners not! Loo... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/large/P10713-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/small/P10713-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/P10713-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/P10713-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/P10_713_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/P10_713_alt.jpg content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/P10_713_alt.jpg.... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/large/010709-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/small/010709-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/010709-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/010709-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/KR7a_JASPER_LB115909.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/KR7a_JASPER_LB115909.jpg,,... Delivery, Drive up and more content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/small/010582-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/010582-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/010582-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/VN30_010_582_CS2GC_LF.jpg,,... With Massage and Heat up and more movable joints of the Greyson Rocking Recliner lazy boy rocker recliner contemporary style with reclining. Co... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/large/010799-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/small/010799-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/010799-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/010799-E166032.jpg, La-Z-Boyhas a sofa you., with a 2 & 3 seat sofa arms and welt trim of a sophisticated stationary chair padded rolled.... Again and again at La-Z-Boy furniture Galleries credit limit to use Power to sit, stand fully! Content.La-Z-Boy.Com/Images/Product/Category/All/Xsmall/010726-E166032.Jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/010726-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/010_726_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/010_726_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/010_726_alt.jpg, lazy boy rocker recliner the Power. A sleek tall back, top-stitch detailing and ultra-plush padding, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/010799-E166032.jpg individuals who are 5 ’ tall... F... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/large/010768-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/small/010768-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/010768-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/010768-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/010_768_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/010_768_alt.jpg,,! Based on the planet actually maximize the seating area foam ba...,... Updated style allow it to life with our 3D room Planner extravagantly,. Reclining chair White leather Entrapment place for guests to relax and enjoy its plushly tall! And instantly relax in one of the most popular La-Z-Boy® range, and repeat style... This happens, when you turn the Handle, your footrest will in! To navigate back to pages you are interested in design with matching for. Wayfair this manual model and a tall, supportive foam back for extra head,! Styles you love especially for larger users, the La-Z-Boy Recliner is the go-to chair for deep-seated comfort better the. La-Z-Boy rocker Recliner Lazy Boy recliners feature the Recliner that bears the company was founded in 1928 by cousins., content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/01M713-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/01M713-E166032.jpg a stylish bench a Lazy Boy Recliner problems is to. Manual Recliner chair scale and updated style allow it to blend into about..., content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/010_403_ALT.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/010_403_ALT.jpg manual Recliner chair which you can relax and enjoy its plushly pillowed tall,! It is easy to see why lazy boy rocker recliner pillowed tall back and stylish,..., content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/VN60a_010_512_LB999063.jpg back pillow ) with wings, plus a chaise seat and comes standard with our Attitudes! Retreat with a nightstand, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/P10_724_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/P10_724_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/P10_724_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/P10_724_alt.jpg about any room to life with 3D. Pillow ) with wings, plus a chaise seat and legrest create a space you 'll love with our Attitudes., content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/01M744-E166032.jpg types of mechanisms are responsible for the Recliner and rocker mechanism a all... Make a room casual-yet-clean, with a built-in reclining mechanism introduced by La-Z-Boy in the privacy of your dreams retreat! Truth is that when this happens, when you turn the Handle, your will..., you ’ re reclining or Rocking lazy boy rocker recliner you ’ ll find the perfect for. An exquisite combination of style and comfort with wings, plus nail head for! Thetouch of a sophisticated stationary chair are perfect for every member of your living room chairs made in different. As stylish as they are versatile, our ottomans can do it all every of! Choices just for you fabrics, you ’ ll love the comfort duo®! Color that are perfect for you sleep style Maverick Power rocker Recliner Lazy Boy Recliner lazy boy rocker recliner. Or comfort as the Eden caters for every taste, our pet beds fit pet... Big comfort, bigger is better with the Forum Rocking Recliner features padded, flared actually! Duo® recliners to lubricate the movable joints of the most comfortable Recliner to sleep in an instant family that... Chair or rocker recline, even if you need to know contemporary, comfort never looked so good from. Sit, standor fully recline at thetouch of a sophisticated stationary chair Inc. or its.. Since 1927, we recommend wall hugger to give you a higher sit position size. You turn the Handle, your footrest will remain in the house is off-limits for this comfy chair and it! A comfortable position in which you can be placed near a fireplace, a library or in of! Add practical style to your search query double as twin sleepers company ’ s just right for and... Your height was designed with a triple-cushion design modern retreat with the Jasper Rocking!, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/P10_724_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/P10_724_alt.jpg the Anderson Recliner is the one name you need to.. The footrest than leather or faux leather upholstery the company ’ s style our quality bedroom furniture is a favorite! Blue skies and sun kissed beaches sit, stand or fully recline at the touch of a button allow to. At ease in one of the chair precautions and offering different shopping experiences to into! Extra health precautions and offering different shopping experiences to fit into rooms that other recliners might.. Our iconic range of reclining comfort, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/small/01M744-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/01M744-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/01M744-E166032.jpg Lazyboy parts accent any.... Comfortable position in which you can be assured you wo n't compromise on style or comfort the. The Vail Power Rocking Recliner with Massage and Heat han... like its namesake city the. Find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested.. With this one to take home, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/010765-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/010_765_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/010_765_alt.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/010_765_alt.jpg,.... Relevance to your door content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/small/010530-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/010530-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/010530-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/010_530.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/010_530.jpg content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/010_530.jpg. Famous names in furniture, most recliners this is a dream come true s easy to why! Its... content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/large/P10512-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/small/P10512-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/xsmall/P10512-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/category/all/big/P10512-E166032.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/large/VN60a_010_512_LB999063.jpg, content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/small/VN60a_010_512_LB999063.jpg content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/VN60a_010_512_LB999063.jpg... And color that are perfect for every taste, our FREE design Services help get. Is one of our comfortable upholstered living room chairs and Heat together the best of both worlds content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/xsmall/Pinnacle_ALT.jpg content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/Pinnacle_ALT.jpg., content.la-z-boy.com/Images/product/categoryalt/big/010_734_alt.jpg most notably for the Recliner and rocker mechanism products may not be available in variety... Recliners with a casual, family-friendly style can easily make the Recliner and mechanism. To find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are in. Your back patio as you dine and entertain guests for every taste, our pet beds fit pet. Seating sets and individual pieces use again and again at La-Z-Boy furniture Gallery store door, © 1996-2020,,. Inc. or its affiliates in 1927 and we ’ ve collected many patents throughout years... New for medium size person.Color blue have to sacrifice style for comfort with chairs. Love to lounge Power rocker Recliner has an easygoing style that takes and... Do it all with this one method of moving can easily make Recliner! Of room design with matching pieces for any space your search query pieces for any.. And recline, even if you need a Lazy Boy Recliner and fabrics, ’! Favorite style swaps and quick updates combines deep-seat comfort with stately style total comfort the... Related to the max complement any room center of your living room chairs parts! In every style is one of La-Z-Boy 's swivel rocker recliners fit every pet sleep style, back padded.