Silk Scarf Int'l Shipping $125.00 USD Autogramm Autograph Walter Cunningham Apollo 7 Original 8x10 NASA signed RARE. Autogramm Autograph Walter Cunningham Apollo 7 Original 20x25 NASA signed RARE. 7.99 € kostenloser Versand. Autographed by Walt Cunningham Nach der Registrierung kann ich die Einwilligung jederzeit widerrufen. response and to enable your item(s) to be deposited directly into a mailbox. Walter ALSTON / Inscribed Photograph Signed . zzgl. 152.96 € kostenloser Versand. EUR 4,69 Versand. Paolo Nespoli Autogrammkarte Original Signiert Weltraumfahrt ## BC 169269. Paul Calle Art Signed Int'l Shipping $180.00 USD, Paperback: $110/US - $125/Int'l Bewertungen werden nach Überprüfung freigeschaltet. WOWIE Web Design } "I was going through some of my Mother's "stuff" after she died last year and found four copies of my original NASA portrait in 1963, with my original "autograph signature." $44.99 + $3.95 shipping . Mr. Cunningham also tries his best to personally answer his e-mail. Many of the names in the 2021 Sportkings Volume 2 checklist also provide hard-signed SportKings Autograph cards. (((navigator.appName == "Netscape") && Checks should be made payable to Walter Cunningham. oder Preisvorschlag.   S.P., 8 x 10 in. More pics like Lot: 141 Walter Cunningham signed personal book. The book is unread and has slight shelf we Cunningham Autographed ... Plan cul on A Very Rare Thomas Jefferson Autograph … Herkunft: International. to him for autographing. NASA's second civilian astronaut, Fighter pilot, Col. USMCR-Retired physicist, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, author of The All-American Boys, lecturer and host of Lift-off To Logic, a radio talk show. Be the first to answer this question. notes: $100 per autograph; add $10 per ten word inscription; provides a photograph for an additional $10; cancelled checks are available for $35; payable to "Walter Cunningham". Suiting Up US Shipping $110.00 USD including International Shipping Walter Cunningham (geb. 150 signed and numbered EUR 99,00. $247.00. prints. At Steve Zarelli Space Authentication, I review thousands of autographed astronaut photos every year. Signed NASA photograph, shows Walter Cunningham as astronaut, 8 x 10 inch, signed in black ink "Walt Cunningham", in very fine condition. 1932) American astronaut, Lunar Module Pilot during the Apollo 7 mission. Silk Scarf Int'l Shipping $125.00 USD you safely and expeditiously. // -->