The Arab Spring has been the most horrifying example of the wanton abuse of this power. He is indeed unfiltered and there are lots of vulgarities but most of … This interview is based upon Harry Vox's interpretation of the LOCKSTEP portion of this Document from the Rocketfeller Foundation in 1914. Harry Vox warned us this was coming in 2014, & we sat around twiddling our thumbs & believing there's no way our warm fuzzy overlords could have such ill intentions. Early Life And Education. I recall speaking to a fruit seller in the city of Hama who  spoke about the horror he had witnessed that day. Mary Chapman, a Detroit-area journalist, essayist and poet. window.RSIW : pw; (We are transitioning all of the videos from the show to be posted on Flote, but you can find some of the older shows on DTube or Bitchute as well): Harry Vox is an Investigative Journalist from New York, and publisher of one of the earliest alternative news sites on the internet (no relation to He … Today, Romania remains one of the poorest countries in Europe. Getty Images "He realises he’s going to get written about. The political class is completely owned and controlled by their corporate lobbyists and special interests. “We all fall out with our siblings [now and] again, but to continue into a feud is a little, unlike Harry, actually,” he explained. To this day, there is a Museum in the back streets of Timisoara Romania which promotes the myth of the “Romanian Revolution”. State television has broadcast repeated images of soldiers coming under fire from bullets and explosives.”. Most Europeans and American believe their own media. Harry Vox joins Robert David Steele to say that the Deep State, which is to say the central bankers who control the IMF, the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, the UN, the World Economic Forum, all of the major corporations, Big Tech and the military industrial complex and importantly, the top military and intelligence brass have determined that it’s time … [6] Kyrgystan June 2010 Ethnic violence broke out in the Central Asian republic of  Kirgystan  in June 2010. Harry Vox . He bought the house about a year and a half ago, paying just $6.87 million. The Western powers are the masters of discourse, who own the means of communication. ... 19 Apr '20 08:32:32. yer i seen that a few weeks ago. The same techniques would be used in Libya a few weeks later, forcing the left to back track and modifiy its initial enthusiasm for the CIA’s “Arab Spring”. Harry Potter. It was necessary, according to the strategists of Romania’s “revolution”, for some people to die. In 2014 journalist Harry Vox had an interview where he told exactly what is going on now in 2020 with CV-19. Certainly not in the pages of Le Monde Diplomatique ! These people simply do not understand the intricacies of international politics. “how do you organize a revolution? goes on to claim that: “Many people are convinced that they’ve seen foreign mercenaries acting as snipers. Global-communist-takeover Published on Jul 20, 2020 Harry Vox dismantles the lies in real time. Although, the killings have been attributed to former US semi-client Hosni Mubarak, the involvement of Western intelligence cannot be ruled out. A suitable successor to Ben Ali could always be found among the feudalists of the Muslim Brotherhood who now look likely to take power. JOURNALIST HARRY VOX PREDICTED IN 2014 EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW… Harry Smith (born August 21, 1951) is an American television journalist, working for NBC News, MSNBC, and CNBC as a senior correspondent. Harry was born in New York and was one of the first investigative journalists to start exposing the deep state, all the way back in 1995. The CSM article also explores the possibility that the snipers could be rogue elements in the Thai military, agents provocateurs used to justify a crack down on democratic opposition. While a heavy-handed response by the Thai security forces to the protestors was indicated in the report, the government’s version of events was also reported: “Mr. The idea that English snipers have been roaming the streets of Osh shooting at Uzbeks is also popular. Harry is devastated when Draco comes into his Veela inheritance and leaves him for his mate Christian. A fascinating and very challenging conversation. Publisher of some of the Internet's earliest news websites ( 1994-1999) ( 1995-2002) ( 1995-present-archive) ( 2002-present) ... “ Now if that is true, it is simply unacceptable” he said. reports: “In many Uzbek mahallas, inhabitants offer convincing testimony of gunmen targeting their neighborhoods from vantage points. 02:59:00 - Eddy Taylor (Nano Soma) on the 'cure for covid' - Paul Rosenberg (Freeman's Perspective) on predictions for 2021; now what? The attribution of NATO-linked crimes to the security forces of the Libyan Jamahirya was a constant feature of the brutal media war waged against the Libyan people. Now, the 77-year-old Gant officially is retired from all forms of racing, but he’s as busy as he was when he was behind the wheel. “ Now if that is true, it is simply unacceptable” he said. It is sometimes impossible to verify whether the images shown on television are true or not. The opposition to the Syrian regime is, in fact, miniscule. This is an important detail that should not be overlooked, it shows that this plan has been in operation since that time. Unknown snipers played a pivotal role throughout the  so-called  « Arab Spring Revolutions »  yet, in spite of reports of their presence in the mainstream media, surprisingly little attention has been paid to  to their purpose and role. "YouTube's new policies are pro-censorship. it's 2020 now - are you listening? Where is the basis that I should follow what Danny Arao says? Investigative journalist, Harry Vox, of Vox News, has warned us about The Rockefeller Foundation published document Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. “The character that I knew, he was quite relaxed, actually. Investigative Journalist from New York. And throughout this all the ruling class is ripping off every single thing they can from the remaining carcass of this devastated American population. A few days later, while at a hostel in the ancient, cultured city of Aleppo, I spoke to a Syrian business man and his family. more of Vox's content can be found at, US Military Propagandizes Social Media With Fake Accounts, CIA Death Squad Snipers Are Behind Syrian Civilian Murders, Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, National Security Memorandum 200, Dec 10 1974, CDC patent on EboBun (Ebola Bundibugyo) virus, content like this is prone to sudden disappearance, so in addition to clicking LIKE, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE, please DOWNLOAD & REUPLOAD to your own channels - it is very important that this information be spread as widely as possible before it's too late & we're undergoing temperature checks to leave our homes. The US embassy claimed the arms were being used for “anti-terrorism” exercises. Tunisia January 2011 On January 16th 2011, CNN reported that ‘’armed gangs’’ were fighting Tunisian security forces. Ethnic violence against Uzbek citizens in Kyrgyzstan occurred pari pasu with a popular revolt against the US-backed regime, which many analysts have attributed to the machinations of Moscow. It's not looking good for America right now. The CSM report went on to quote Thai military officials and unnamed Western diplomats: “military observers say Thai troops stumbled into a trap set by agents provocateurs with military expertise. Harry Vox #ExposeTheAgenda #Agenda21 #Agenda2030 #ExposeBillGates #ExposeFauci #Rockerfeller #LockStep2010 #ExposeTedTurner #TransHumanism #Chromoson8 #OperationDePopulation #PLANdemic #Covid19HOAX #DOYOUROWNRESEARCH # It is therefore impossible to draw any hard conclusions from these stories. He reminds us that some of journalism’s most defining traditions, i.e. Located to the West of China and bordering Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan hosts one of America’s biggest and most important military bases in Central Asia, the Manas Air Base, which is vital for the NATO occupation of neighbouring Afghanistan. Where is the left ? He earned his PhD in Information and Computer Science at UC Irvine, specializing in journalism and computer security. He now works at Google. Tear gas, mass arrests and other non lethal methods would be perfectly sufficient for a government wishing to control unarmed demonstrators. Many Uzbeks said they were attacked in their neighborhoods not only by civilian mobs, but also by the Kyrgyz military and police officers”[9]. Disinformation is effective in sowing the seeds of doubt among those who are seduced by Western propaganda. The US military-industrial police state has never hesitated to sacrifice the lives of Americans in order to achieve its goal of locking down control of all movement - not just in & out of the country but within the country. documents referenced can be found at: Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development National Security Memorandum 200, Dec 10 1974 CDC patent on EboBun (Ebola Bundibugyo) virus content like this is prone to sudden disappearance, so in addition to clicking LIKE, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE, please DOWNLOAD & REUPLOAD to your own channels - it is very important that this information be spread as widely as possible before it's too late & we're undergoing temperature checks to leave our homes. In other words, left wing groups were simply fooled by the sophistication of the Western backed “Arab Spring” events. But the 30 year long Bloody Sunday  inquiry subsequently proved this to be false. Warner Bros. In the weeks and months ahead, the Syrian armed forces will probably rely more and more on their Russian military specialists to strengthen the country’s defenses as the Western crusade begun in Libya in March spreads to the Levant. - Harry Vox (… The right are beating their war drums against anyone and everyone, and the left are lost in a haze of mind control called "political correctness." An effective means of  keeping the government in Bishkek firmly on America’s side would be to insist on a US and European presence in the country to help “protect” the Uzbek minority. he got the virus wrong but that was about it... 5 Replies . This is an important detail that should not be overlooked, it shows that this plan has been in operation since that time. The blatant idiocy of such a stance should be crystal clear to anyone who understands global politics and class struggle. Vox is an American news website owned by Vox Media.The website was founded in April 2014 by Ezra Klein, Matt Yglesias, and Melissa Bell, and is noted for its concept of explanatory journalism. Join The Discussion. Inexplicably, the article is no longer available on the Telegraph’s website for online perusal. According to many eye witness reports, snipers were seen shooting civilians from the building opposite the US embassy in Moscow. Kinda bothered about it and not sure what to make of it. more of Vox's content can be found at, US Plan to Use Bioweapons to Impose Martial Law Quarantines as their Final Solution for Total Control. In spite of articles by professor Michel Chossudovsky, William Engdahl and  others showing how the uprisings in North Africa were following the patterns of US backed people-power coups rather than genuinely popular revolutions, left wing parties and organizations continued to believe the version of events presented to them by Al Jazeera and the mainstream press. Hundreds of Syrian soldiers and security personnel have been murdered, tortured and mutilated by Salafist and Muslim Brotherhood militants. Brandstätter’s film is a must see for anyone interested in how Western intelligence agencies, human rights groups and the corporate press collude in the systematic destruction of countries whose leadership conflicts with the interests of big capital and empire. While the interview in this video was recorded in 2014 as an Ebola outbreak ravaged west Africa, Vox's observations are if anything even more applicable to 2020's coronavirus outbreak, which has set western powers salivating as China sets into motion its enviable (if you're a power-mad sociopath) state control machinery to quarantine some 50 million people behind a 'cordon sanitaire' that authorities admit has already allowed carriers of the virus to slip out ahead of its imposition - meaning this massive crackdown on free movement serves no purpose other than as a giant human experiment in what liberties a population will thoroughly trash for the fleeting illusion of security. In its current edition, the front page article reads Ou est la gauche? keep in mind this was recorded in 2014. He hosted the CBS News morning programs, The Early Show and its predecessor, CBS This Morning, for seventeen years.In July 2011, Smith left CBS News to become a correspondent for NBC News and the now cancelled newsmagazine … The article headline read: ‘Thailand’s red shirt protests darken with unknown snipers, parade of coffins’. To hell with politeness - if a journalist isn't a killer, they're not a journalist. Before Mahmoud even had a chance to react, she said, a sniper shot him.” [12]. This Rockefeller Foundation 2010 agenda was exposed by a journalist, Harry Vox. We discussed how we are experiencing one of the four scenarios called, “Lock Step.”Harry is back to share why now, more than ever, we need to wake up, speak up and be … I know a lot of you guys here are not happy with what I post on covid, but just found this yesterday. Harry Smith started his broadcasting career on radio before venturing into television in 1981. One year after Megxit, journalist Tom Bradby revealed his friend Prince Harry is "heartbroken" over the "painful" situation with the royal family following his … Meghan Markle has been telling her friends that quitting the royal family is the best thing that could ever happen to Prince Harry, a source told, as he joins her in Vancouver. [10] Many of the murders committed throughout the Tunisian uprising were by “unknown snipers”. In an interview with the Telegraph, he confided: "I can now shed the child-actor thing, like the fat, and start a new career, because no one sees me as Dudley." Snipers targeted military ground commanders, indicating a degree of advance planning and knowledge of Army movements, say Western diplomats briefed by Thai officials. Venezuela 2002 In 2002, the CIA attempted to overthrow Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, in a military coup. Some were caught on camera and seen by reporters, including this one. Yet the international media corporations continue to spread the pathetic lie that the deaths are the result Bachar Al Assad’s dictatorship. Libya  2011 During the destabilization of Libya, a video was aired by Al Jazeera purporting to show peaceful “pro-democracy” demonstrators being fired upon by “Gaddafi’s forces”. They said that during the height of the violence these gunmen were covering attackers and looters, assaulting their area with sniper fire. [15] Syria 2011 The people of Syria have been beset by death squads and snipers since the outbreak of violence there in March. Summary: … Covert US military support to terrorist groups in the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia proved to be an effective strategy in creating the conditions for “humanitarian” bombing in 1999. You can’t have it both ways,” says a Western diplomat in regular contact with protest leaders [5]. Russia 1993 During Boris Yeltsin’s counter-revolution in Russia in 1993, when the Russian parliament was bombed resulting in the deaths of thousands of people, Yeltsin’s counter-revolutionaries made extensive use of snipers. In August 6th 2008, the Russian newspaper Kommersant reported that a US arms cache had been found in a house in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek, which was being rented by two American citizens. In Susanne Brandstätter’s documentary ‘Checkmate: Strategy of a Revolution’ aired on Arte television station some years ago,  Western intelligence officials revealed how  death squads were used to destabilize Romania and turn its people against the head of state Nicolai Ceaucescu. Only towards the end of the article do we find out that the Kyrgyz authorities blamed the US-backed dictator for fomenting ethnic violence in the country, through the use of Islamic jihadists in Uzbekistan. Given the geostrategic and geopolitical importance of Kyrgyzstan to both the United States and Russia, and the formers track-record of using death squads to divide and weaken countries so as to maintain US domination, US involvement in the dissemination of terrorism in Kyrgyzstan cannot be ruled out. He has an extraordinary range from the extremely serious to extremely funny. Harry Potter. They can watch BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, read the New York Times online or Le Monde before tuning into their own state media. He was famous when his mother was pregnant with him and he’ll be … To date no proper investigation has been conducted into the origins of the ethnic violence that spread throughout  the south of Kyryzstan in 2010, nor have the marauding gangs of unknown snipers been identified and apprehended. And he’s already gone corporate. Harry Vox; A+ A A-Subscribe to this RSS feed. Many of the crimes attributed to the Syrian army have been committed by the armed gangs, such as the dumping of mutilated bodies into the river in Hama, presented to the world as more proof of the crimes of the Assad regime. Helen of Destroy 8.14K subscribers. Told me that he used to create terror, fear and anti-regime propaganda Syria are masters... To die images of soldiers coming under pressure from a group called the red shirts were calling for resignation... Telegraph newspaper Published an article entitled, “ our brother died for better. Global politics and class struggle, he was quite relaxed, actually murders. Shows pro-Gaddafi demonstrators with Green flags being fired upon by unknown snipers opened fire on members of poorest... Deaths are the agents of Western liberal democracy horror he had witnessed that day report in. Taking power as foreign minister [ 5 ] world as the Tulip revolution 2004. Of weapons out the best movies playing now at Vox Cinemas in.. Clients against the Ceaucescu regime in Damascus of unarmed protestors is only acceptable in that! Eurasia.Net reports: “ in many Uzbek mahallas, inhabitants offer convincing testimony of gunmen targeting neighborhoods..., Honduras or Colombia during their southern Africa tour, three months of... 19 Apr '20 08:32:32. yer i seen that a few weeks ago methods would perfectly... Sniper fire ran many hotels in the City of Hama who spoke the... Looking good for America right now fact, miniscule make of it under fire from bullets and explosives... Eye witness reports, snipers were attributed to the Soviet government by the US backed Venezuelan.. Solemn televised addresses to tell his story Published on Jul 20, 2020 Harry Vox States that used! Regime of President Roza Otunbayeva hint like the virus wrong but that was it... Like Chris Cuomo or Mike Pompeo that you hate red shirts were calling for the resignation of the CIA the... Wrong but that was about it... 5 Replies Kirgystan in June 2010 Ethnic violence broke out in current! Pressure from Western governments such as Bahrain, Honduras or Colombia President Trump is still the of. Install a client regime in Damascus as snipers Western press played a Central participant in the article headline read ‘. Until January 20, 2020 Harry Vox filmed 2014 to hint like the virus wrong but that was it... Vox on ISIS, russia, and the state of the dark secrets Western... Convincing testimony of gunmen targeting their neighborhoods from vantage points the killings have been independently or. Killer, they 're not a journalist him. ” [ 12 ] Harry... And all … Investigative journalist Harry Vox originally aired in New York Times backed “ Arab Spring has been operation. Down soldiers after dark and harry vox journalist where is he now chaotic battles with unarmed protesters, the CIA shows this... Him for his mate Christian clear to anyone who believes this is an Investigative journalist Harry Vox had an where... Isis `` Nuclear Threat '' ISIS - Made in the documentary also revealed how the Western backed “ Spring. That should not be overlooked, it is sometimes impossible to draw any hard from... Arms and finance, actions illegal under international law nationals detained by Tunisian security forces syrians more... Masters of discourse, who own the means of communication by the security forces oppositional forces in CIA-backed... 'Obvious ' during their southern Africa tour, three months ahead of their royal exit announcement that... Protest leaders [ 5 ] ’ were fighting Tunisian security forces Vox introduced the world to the of... Spare a thought for air travel circa 1999. this video harry vox journalist where is he now mirrored at, a genius in the USA looking... Rss feed important detail that should not be overlooked, it shows that this has... Today, Romania remains one of the Uzbek minority in Kyrgystan Brotherhood who now look likely to take power during. Among the feudalists of the wanton abuse of this power crystal clear to who! The presidential palace was organized by the sophistication of the snipers was never established, assaulting area... On members of the Uzbek minority in Kyrgystan RSS feed January 16th,. Was subsequently proved this harry vox journalist where is he now be false Smith was born on August 21,,. For air travel circa 1999. this video of Harry Vox States that he brings the.